Total discipline is our strength
and value addition our guarantee

What You Need To Know

Why choose our school

Machakos Academy is well equipped to meet the demands of the 8-4–4 syllabus. The school has adequate provision of good boarding and day facilities for its students. Students are served a well-balanced diet.

Due to our good reputation we have been admitting students from across the country. The school is run and administered by highly qualified personnel whose interest and energy is centered on the welfare and total development of students.

We have parents meetings and academic clinic days annually to discuss students’ and pupils’ progress.

Self-Development Beyond The Classroom

Co-curricular activities

To nurture the students’ talents and gifts, the school participates in co-curriculum activities and has often proceeded to REGIONAL & NATIONAL levels in music festivals, ball games, science engineering fair and more. We also have termly programmes to cater for:

Enrol now. Intakes ongoing.

We are currently enrolling students and pupils. Contact us for more details.